Like vs Follow. What is the difference on Facebook?

I have to admit, I was confused by Facebook like’s and follow’s when I first got started. Are they actually different or are they the same thing? They sure seem like the same thing.

What is the difference between a Facebook like and a Facebook follow? A Facebook page like is the same thing as a Facebook follow. However, a Facebook post like is not the same thing as a Facebook page like. You can like a page post and not like/follow their page.

Much of the confusion surrounding likes and follows is a matter of understanding common Facebook vocabulary. It is not always easy to keep up with Facebook terminology because there are so many different social platforms with many different definitions and it can make your head swirl and explode. After reading this article, you’ll be a pro with Facebook likes and follows.

What does it mean to like a page on Facebook?

Facebook created the page like feature so that you could show your support for a page. Once you like a page, Facebook will show their content to you more frequently. If you’re like me and you love ice cream, you might just hop over to Ben and Jerry’s and like their page. You’ll now get all those new concoctions and sweet coupons coming your way. Below is how you like a page on Facebook.

One way to think about liking a Facebook is page like signing up for a newsletter on a website or signing up for coupons at your local store (people still do that right?). You are giving both of these businesses permission to show you their content. In Facebook, it’s the same thing. The only difference is that Facebook is the one who decides how much of a pages content you see after you like them. They will typically show you a page’s content more or less depending on how you interact with that content (like, repost, comment, etc).

Facebook has an internal algorithm that determines how it shows you content from pages. This algorithm is a whole different can of worms that we’ll talk about in another post. Just know that once you like a page, Facebook will begin showing you their content.

If you want to know who you’ve liked, click on ABOUT>SCROLL TO BOTTOM>VIEW LIKES. You can always choose to unlike if you no longer feel as strongly about the page content.

Does liking a post mean you also like the page?

Liking a post and liking a page are two different things. Just because you like a post doesn’t mean you automatically like a page. In fact, you have to intentionally like a page if you want to follow the page.

If you see a business post show up on your Facebook newsfeed and they post something you like, when you click the like button, it only means you like that one post. This page won’t continue to show up in your newsfeed endlessly. It’s like one of those speed-dating restaurant groups. You like someone for 5 minutes, go to the next person you like better, and never have to worry about the first person you originally liked calling you. Nice!

Let’s use my alma mater as an example below. I can like this specific post by Fort Hays State, however I am not choosing to like their page because I may not want to see Fort Hays posts all the time. I’m just showing some alumni love for this one post and then I expect silence from them.

Like a post without liking a Facebook page

Facebook newsfeed is like a giant room full of people shouting for your attention. You tell Facebook whose voice you want to hear (liking a page) and they determine the frequency of that voice (posts showing up in your newsfeed).

What is following a page on Facebook?

When you like a page on Facebook, you are automatically following them and they may show up in your newsfeed. There have been a lot of naming changes over time, but just know that following and page liking are the same thing.

When you hear someone talking about how many page likes they have, they are also talking about how many followers they have—and vice versa. There is literally no difference.

Expert tip: You can also control which pages content you see first after you like their page. It’s basically like selecting favorites. Go to the drop down arrow at the top right of your screen, click news feed preferences, and then click prioritize who to see first. This is a feature most people don’t even know exists. Your newsfeed can get filled up quickly with a bunch of junk and Facebook can show you too much of one page and not enough of another.

prioritize who to see first.

Can I like a page on Facebook without following it?

Liking a page on Facebook is the same as following it—so the answer is no. If you don’t want to follow a page and see their content in your newsfeed, it’s best not to like the page. It’s kind of an all or nothing deal—for the most part. You can be targeted in an ad based on your activity and preferences, but that’s another story.

How to unlike or unfollow a page on Facebook:

  1. Log into Facebook
  2. Go to your Facebook timeline by either pressing on the Facebook logo in the top left of the screen or clicking your name in the left side menu.
  3. Click on the about button in your horizontal menu under your profile picture.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and unlike any pages you no longer want to follow.

Are Facebook post-likes or page-likes more important?

Why Facebook page likes are important? Facebook page likes are more important when trying to build a community on Facebook. If you are building a great page with good content and you’d like to create a niche group on Facebook, you can invite all your page followers to your group. You can do that here. On the other hand, if you want to get someone into a Facebook group who liked your post, you first have to invite them to like your page, and then you can invite them to join your group.

Why Facebook post likes are important? Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm determines what it wants to show you. The name of the game is to show you things that will keep you in Facebook as long as possible. This allows Facebook to show you more ads and make more money. As you create posts that generate a lot of likes, Facebook will show that post to more people because it will further encourage people to stay inside Facebook.

There was a time when Facebook would require you to like a page before you could comment, review, or post about the page. It makes sense. This really benefited the business because the page would amass page likes for any page conversation. But that’s not the case anymore. These days, you can like, comment, or review any page without liking/following the page. This is technically correct in that you shouldn’t have to support a page if your comment or review is going to be negative.

So which is more important, post-likes or page-likes? It all depends on your business and strategy. If you are looking for community building, page-likes are probably more important. If you are looking to compete with Kardashian social fame, post likes may be more important.

All jokes aside, make sure you aren’t falling too in love with post likes at the expense of not building a community. Not every viral post will move the needle in your business.

Related Questions

What is the difference between a like and a follow on a business page? A like and a follow on a business page are the exact same thing. If someone likes your business page, they are also following your business page. Your content will now begin to populate their newsfeed. Business page likes are great for building your community of fans.

What is a Facebook fan? A Facebook fan is the same thing as a Facebook follower. The common terminology is page likes. If you hear someone talking about their Facebook fan count, they are talking about the number of page likes they have.

Do Facebook pages know when I like their page? Yes. Once you like a page on Facebook, the owner of that page has access to their Facebook page-likes/followers. They can now target you as an audience with ads, posts, and messages. If you don’t want a Facebook page to see you, you’ll need to unlike their page and casually visit their page when at your discretion.

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